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5 unusual hobbies of NHL players

While watching NHL, you must have seen your favorite players doing weird activities on the field which may stun you at the moment. But you will be surprised to know that there are many of them who do many weird activities in their spare time when they are out of the field. Some of them are quite curious to know about, while few are seen as quite humorousto their fans.

Some of their interesting hobbies are listed below.


Brent Burns used to play in defense with San Jose Sharks and has a peculiar hobby of keeping reptiles and poisonous snakes like large pythons at home. He had also a hobby of keeping parrots with snakes – seems to be an adventurous person, it seems. For this peculiar hobby, he has been nicknamed as Zookeeper.

Old car repairing

Jonas Hiller is well known in the field for tightening his skates, but very few know that out of the field, he is an expert also in tightening the brakes. He is an expert in car repair and can check oil gauge and also any other necessary car repair job. So, if you check his home back in Switzerland, you can find a pretty good collection of cars which include a 1967 Volkswagon bus, a 1965 Camero and much more.


Thomas Vanek has got a hobby which can create controversy, and that is gambling. He is very fond of gambling during his spare time and in many cases, he is found to like these games. He plays games here at ease as it is official and within the legal boundaries. He spends hours a day doing gambling as it is favorite hobby.

Wayne Simmonds is another player who has got the habit of playing online casino games. He was always found in his spare time playing such games – seems quite addicted to it.

Artistic hobbies

Alexei Kovalev and Henry Lundqvist are well known in the field with sticks in their hand. But you will be surprised to know that once they pull out their hands off the sticks, they prefer a saxophone in their hand. They are so involved in playing the music that both feel that they may enter the entertainment industry after they quit the sports.Quite artistic, it seems.

These players have some brilliant bent of artistic mind. Henry Lundqvist has got a wonderful hobby of doing woodwork on wooden pieces. His skills for craftsmanship can be seen if anyone visits his home. His skill on the wooden table is much superior to his mark on the ice field. Wonderful pieces done by him are eye-catchy and appreciated by his colleagues also.

Collection of antiques

Matt Cooke has got the hobby of the collection of antiques in his spare time when he is away from the field. After collecting any item that catches his eye, he works on the item hard so that it can be restored to the best possible condition. You will be amazed to see his collection of antique items if you make a visit to his house.

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