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Getting Your Kids Hockey Starter Kits for Christmas? Here Are the Items You Need

Christmas is just around the corner. You’re probably busy getting started with your Christmas shopping by now, searching through catalogues to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. Of course, a good hockey starter kit makes a perfect gift, especially for kids who are just getting started with playing hockey. Don’t just grab an off-the-shelf kit, though. Construct your own starter kit with the tips we are about to discuss in this article.


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Start with a Pair of Skates

Make sure you know the skill level of your kids and how they will be playing before you go out to buy some hockey shoes. There are basically two types of shoes you can pick up. The first category is geared more towards beginners and those who are just getting started. Hockey skates in this category are designed to be easier to use. They offer better control and stability, but are lacking in high speed and may not be suitable for sharp maneuvers.

The second category, naturally, is geared more towards the experienced players. There are skates designed for kids, even in this category, but they have sharper designs and are made to allow faster speed and sharper maneuvers.

If you’re not sure about which type of hockey skates to get, don’t hesitate to ask around. It is also a good idea to focus on comfort above all else. Make sure you get the right size and that the pair of skates can later be heat molded to fit your kids’ feet once the gift is unwrapped.

Hockey Stick and Protective Gears

A hockey stick is the second most important item to add to the kit. The key here is to find a hockey stick that is the right length based on the height of your kids. There are different lengths and sizes on the market, from amini hockey stick designed for younger children to the medium-sized ones for teenagers and older kids.

There is a good rule of thumb to follow when choosing a hockey stick: the tip of the stick should be somewhere between the kid’s eyes and lips. Of course, hockey stick length is a matter of preference. This simple rule, however, will help you pick the right stick that suits your children best.

Oh, and don’t forget to pick up some protective gear. A good and sturdy shoulder pad, a pair of elbow pads, a neck guard and a full-cage helmet should all be part of your starter kit.

A Bag to Match

Lastly, find a hockey bag that is big enough to fit everything. A good bag will make taking the hockey gear to practice a lot easier for your children. It is best to go with a hockey bag that has wheels, especially since all of this gear can be quite heavy.

That’s it! You now have a good hockey starter kit as a Christmas gift for your children. You can add other items to the gift bag if you want, but this gear is more than enough to get your kids started with playing hockey.

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