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History of Ice Hockey

The beginning of ice hockey is almost as old as the human civilisation itself. Its origin is quite uncertain and is thought to be from Persia, China or Egypt. And archaeological evident in Greece has shown that an early form of ball and stick game was played there back in 400 BC. As civilisation spread around the globe, so did the game of hockey. As the game moved in to the northern hemisphere, people began to play it on ice.

There is a painting in Netherlands dating back to 1600s, where Dutch men can be seen playing a ball and stick game on ice. From the European to Native America, they discovered that the inhabitants had their own games on ice, such as an old version of lacrosse. The modern-day ice hockey has thus evolved from these gaming traditions on ice, and was spread mainly in tiny villages and towns. A few centuries ago, there were no organised setting for the game or any kind of tournament. This came much after in the late 1800.

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James Creighton, a man from Halifax, Nova Scotia, is thought to have brought the game of hockey to Montreal, Quebec in 1872. In other word, he took skates and hockey sticks with him. Those skates had rounded blades and they fitted onto boots with the use of metal clamps, very much like modern skates. After introducing his friends to the game, Creighton organised a group of player who were regularly practicing the game at the Victoria Skating Rink. It was during those years that the first set of rules of this game were elaborated by a group of students from the McGill University in Montreal.

Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley stopped to watch a hockey match along with his two children and wife in 1889 during the Montreal Winter Carnival. He was so taken by the game that he helped to create a team and even a league. Stanley is behind the concept of the regional competition, and offered a cup to be awarded to the winner. This cup was firstly known as the Dominion Challenge trophy and was later renamed as the as the Stanley Hockey Championship Cup. It was decided that no team can claim the Stanley Cup as their property. This cup has gone through numerous makeovers since it was first awarded, and has since been awarded to the Nation Hockey Team Champions up to now.

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