Hockey Sharks

Making A Statement Through Sports

Those who are really into active exercise and sports will be thrilled to hear about the latest Groupon promo sale being offered at Nordstrom this month.  Customers have a chance to purchase items on sale like the latest FENTY X Puma wear by Rihanna.  Or you can get 40% off the price on Beyonce’s Activewear.  These and other items offered by Nordstrom’s can assure that you will be looking as stylish as you desire when you attend that next hockey match.  Nordstrom also offers up to 65%t off on shoes purchased with a Groupon coupon.  And for really dressy occasions you can get up to 50% off the price of lace and/or cocktail dresses and handbags.  These can be just what you need to wear when you’re going to that big party to celebrate your favorite club’s latest major winning season or playoff game.

Sports fans can be loyal to a fault when it comes to supporting their favorite team.  Some fans have become legendary –  who hasn’t heard of the loyal fans of the original New York Mets or Brooklyn Dodgers?  And hockey fans can be just as loyal as anyone who has ever attended a match can tell you.  Of course, soccer fans are famous for their loyalty to the sport.  It has been said that a national team victory in a major soccer match led to the cancellation of a debate over tax reform at a nation’s legislative session.

But sports is also a way to bring together different political philosophies and systems.  The Winter and Summer Olympics are usually filled with political bombast, yet the actual sports contests return to the essential purity of athletes competing against one another for the best possible score.  And what often shines through the politics and competition is the respect one competitor has for the other when they meet on the track, the field or the mat.  Sports events are often the one arena when only individual ability and skill – and luck – are important.  When you wear a pair of Adidas or Nikes bought with a Groupon coupon at Nordstrom’s you are doingyour little bit to continue promotion of the efforts to encourage athletes to pursue those ideals.

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