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Short history and some principal punches of boxing

In the year of 1619 BC, in Crete, an island located at sea amid, its people had been doing boxing. So many ancient books also noted boxing matches, recording stories of fights among the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Although boxing has been famous for centuries as a form of entertainment and sport, but this sport just got its popularity around the world in the 18th century in England, developed by an Englishman named Jamea Free. As your info, he became the first champion in England at 1730. Then came again an English boxer named Branchton as a first boxer who use gloves in boxing. And in 1743 he made the rules of boxing. The rules he made is the basic of modern boxing rules.

The Boxing Training
What should be trained at first are regular weight training, dips, push-up, pull-up, squats, etc. These training sessions will make a boxer’s muscle ready to be used in a boxing match. The next step is increasing the stamina. A boxer must prepare his stamina by doing some physical exercises, such as swimming, walking, running, and cycling. A boxer can retreat to the gym for more weight and stamina training sessions.

The Boxing Techniques
The techniques have their ancestor from what done among ancient boxing fights of Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, even Indians. In this article, I will explain some principal techniques in boxing; more precisely punch techniques, like jab, straight, hook, and uppercut.

Jab is the opening punch in boxing. Jab is the form of a straight forward punch. Typically, jab punch is thrown by the left hand (in orthodox boxing-style or by the right hand of southpaw boxer).


As its name, straight is a straight punch. Typically, a straight punch will be thrown after jab punch released, but it can be combined with another punch, depends on strategies and conditions on the ring. The main target of this punch is the opponent’s head

3. Hook

Hook can be raised by hands, right and left. Hook is known to be lethal in boxing.

4. Uppercut

Uppercut is usually the mainstay blow to defeat opponents by knockout. Uppercut punch is thrown up from the bottom. Uppercut has opponent’s chin as target.

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